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For Better: A look at the non-profits that call ConnexFW home

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

BRAVE/R Together: Committed to breaking the silence on the root causes of systemic inequities in communities of color, this non-profit is dedicated to creating more opportunities for everyone who calls 76104 home.

The BRAVE/R Together mission is clear and powerful: "BRAVE/R Together declares that our community will no longer address issues of race and racism in silos. We will BRAVE/RACE together. Breaking the silence on the root causes of systemic inequities in communities of color requires all of us to listen, learn and lead toward transformation."

Movements toward equitable opportunities for underrepresented, undervalued and disadvantaged communities and populations are nothing new, and it's no secret that racial injustice and inequality has been an ongoing and charged issue (rightfully so) in our nation and around the globe. BRAVE/R Together seems to have figured out a good formula: focus on the local communities that see the brunt of these inequities and put in the time and effort to improve the lives of Fort Worth's most at-risk communities and don't quit until it's fully changed for the better. BRAVE/R Together sees four major areas that need to improve; education, fair job opportunities, accessible healthcare, and affordable housing. On top of that, awareness and empathy need to increase in fellow members of the community outside of 76104.

Here is the most shocking statistic that motivates BRAVER/R Together to change the outlook of the 76104 community. In 2019, UT Southwestern published a study on Texas life expectancy rates by zip code. Despite being located within Fort Worth's medical district, 76104 has on average the lowest life expectancy rate in the state, just 66.7 years. By comparison, the 78634 zip code (near Austin) has a life expectancy of 97 years.

The official partner of the 501(c)3 is United Way of Tarrant County. Official donors include Rainwater Charitable Foundation, North Texas Community Foundation, and Bank of America.

BRAVE/R Together was founded by Shawn Lassiter (right).

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