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Fort Worth, Texas

Use a virtual office when working from home


Affordable rates to fit the budget of any business, big or small

Conveniently located virtual office in Fort Worth, Texas


Conveniently located with 24/7/365 access

Build credibility with customers with a virtual office in Fort Worth


Build trust and credibility with a recognized street address

A Connex Fort Worth virtual office gives your business an immediate professional presence

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Contact us here to get started, or to ask for more information. We're here to help!


With virtual office rates starting at just $50/month, Connex Fort Worth is the perfect cost-effective solution for your business or organization.
Conveniently located in the historic Near Southside district of Fort Worth, our virtual offices provide easy local access, 24/7/365



Establish your business at a recognized Fort Worth street address to help build trust and credibility with your customers and clients

Enjoy all the great benefits of leasing a virtual office with us!

Why use a virtual office?

Build a professional presence without the overhead cost of leasing a physical space

  • Maintain a professional and established virtual business address instead of working around the limitations of a PO Box

  • Use your virtual business address for local marketing, opening a bank account, applying for credit, and more

Worry-free mail processing and pickup

  • Your mail is received on-site by our Connex team and store securely for your virtual office

  • Collect your mail as often as you like with 24/7/365 access

Protect your personal privacy

  • Use your virtual office street address for your website, social media, business cards, and more... instead of your home address

  • In most cases, you can even use your virtual office address for business registration and licensing

Less startup risk

  • Our virtual office option is a great way to avoid the costly expenses that go along with leasing a physical space, freeing up funds to directly support the launch of your new business

  • Virtual offices help small business owners maintain a clear line of separation between work and personal assets

  • Avoid costly fines for using your home address for business purposes when it may go against apartment, condo, or HOA rules

Improve search engine discovery for your business

  • Google and other search engines don't allow the use of PO Boxes for local business profiles

  • Maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) by using your virtual business address on Google, Bing, your business's website, and across any other online references to your company

Easily scalable for future growth

  • With a virtual office, there's no need to lease a larger space: simply add a second virtual office address for new employees, or add them to your existing mailing address

Better work/life balance

  • No lost time to lengthy commutes

  • No rigid on-site access hours

  • You and your employees can enjoy working from home... or anywhere else in the greater Fort Worth area!

Grow with Connex Fort Worth

  • If and when you find yourself in need of a physical space or retail storefront, we're here for you for those needs, too!

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