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HustleBlendz for the Winz

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

HustleBlendz grand opening on March 19 brings the first Cold Brew Bar to the city. Check them out at Connex Fort Worth - Hours: M-TH, 7a-5p, F, 7a-3p, Sat., 9a-3p

But what HustleBlendz owners Tweety and Patrice Angwenyi had to say about why they chose Connex Fort Worth, "Our move to a physical location was charged by a leap of faith to see HustleBlendz create an in-person impact. We're connected to the community and want to be a part of the upswing in change. Connex is progressive and well-connected to the various changes happening in the community and that aligns with our vision." - Tweety and Patrice Angwenyi

HustleBlendz coffee is ethically sourced in Fort Worth by a team of artisan micro roasters. The team crafts specialty curated 'Blendz', working with small coffee farms across the globe to source the highest quality beans for their products lines. In other words, they provide their Hustlers (customers) a unique and gratifying experience in each sip.

HustleBlendz offers medium roasts named Daily Grind, Elevate, and The O.G., dark roasts named Legacy and Shot Caller, a single origin blend from Tweety's home country of Kenya, as well as a cold brew, and a concentrate called Hustle Concentrate.

"Our customers connect to our message and identify themselves with our brand," says Tweety and Patrice. "Most coffee drinkers see themselves as go-getters. Most of them are hustling in their own way and are always chasing something. Our brand interrupts that school of thought by changing the narrative of "hustle" with an acronym that we developed, 'Help Us See The Light Everywhere'. A reminder to go after things and be unafraid even in untouched, dark places."

In addition to its coffee, the company also offers a self-care candle cleverly tagged 'Raincheck U.O.U' named Intention. Intention is a soy wax candle with notes of Tobacco and Vanilla. Tweety and Patrice also have a podcast on Spotify called 'Million Dollar Conversations'.

"Our positioning at Connex Fort Worth is historical as we are the first Cold Brew Bar in Fort Worth," added Tweety and Patrice. "Specializing in cold brew drinks is inspired by the hustle as well as selling our top rated Shot Caller cold brew and cold brew concentrate."

Check out Hustle Blendz products at

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