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Visual Storytellers: Make Something Beautiful

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Owners Warren and Jules Cook

The MSB Creative team in suite 304 crafts dramatically powerful, funny, heartfelt, entertaining, and authentic stories using video and photography.

But first...check out what MSB-Creative says about having an office at Connex Fort Worth: "We love our office at Connex. It feels like a community when we walk into the building. There is such a nice vibe and people are so friendly. The concept of Connex is also very appealing to us. Having common spaces, like the conference room, works well for us and the eco-friendly measures, like the solar panels make for a great office building, and saying I work in a shipping container is always a great conversation starter!"

It doesn't take long when exploring the Make Something Beautiful website to see the incredible portfolio founders Warren and Jules Cook have amassed since founding Make Something Beautiful in 2017. To get a better picture of how MSB Creative was formed though, we have to start way before its start as a company.

"We are a husband and wife team," says founders Warren and Jules Cook. "Warren was a creative director at a traditional advertising agency for 20 years. He developed a heart for telling stories in an authentic way through video, and is able to approach projects with the eyes of a creative director and the heart of a [production] director, with Jules along for the business and production side."

Warren and Jules says their mission is tied directly to the company name. Make Something Beautiful strives to see the beauty in everything and produce advertising pieces and videos that represent that ideal. "We've been able to work for AIG, Visit Fort Worth, Oil and Gas Companies, Texas A&M, and The Blue Zones Project," says Jules. "We also love partnering with other Fort Worth Ad agencies on video projects. It is our goal to produce pieces that make individuals know how amazing they are as we tell the bigger picture story of a corporation."

Meet the Team

"Jules Cook is the owner, account executive, and producer. For the past 10 years, Jules has been helping clients create projects that meet and exceed their vision. Jules helps clients navigate the video production process and coordinate our crew."

"Warren Cook is the co-owner, creative director and director. Warren has over 25 years experience in the advertising world and uses his creative background to make magic in videos as well as traditional advertising. He has directed numerous award-winning video campaigns."

"Paul Heyduck is the editor. He is in charge of all post-production. Paul is an accomplished, award-winning editor and animator who has been with MSB Creative for a decade. His creativity doesn't end there though. He also loves to act in our local theatre. His creativity knows no bounds."

The MSB Creative team has done a wide range of video projects. From fortune 500 company AIG, to music videos, to documentaries, it doesn't really what what the subject is, Make Something Beautiful presents these projects in a way that draws the viewer in. Going through and viewing some of the videos on, I started watching some of them and forgot that I was watching an advertisement. Specifically, the FTS International ad that was highlighting one of its employees, which can be viewed in the first video on the left column. This is what separates MSB Creative from their competition.

"Our approach to advertising is to be authentic, real, and honest while embracing originality and creativity," says Warren and Jules. "It also encompasses strategy and collaboration. From start to finish we take on a project as a team providing pre-production and creative direction to ensure a finished product that meets the needs of our clients as well as being engaging and beautiful. We provide traditional advertising services but our passion is to create films, commercials, documentaries and digital assets that showcase and promote brands."

If you read my piece on the psychology driving video marketing to be such a powerful tool for brands, you know that our eyes are trained to pick up and pay greater attention to movement over still images. It's the quality of the content, however, that keeps us engaged and better motivated to act and be more inclined to have positive feelings toward a brand. Warren and Jules echo this sentiment, "...Getting people to connect with your brand is a huge part of what we do...We believe the greatest values in life can be found in the power of stories. Stories bring people together and allow then to discover connections..."

It's the favorite part of what Warren and Jules do, "We love connecting with people. From the clients and people we film, we come out of projects with life-long friendships. We love showing people how amazing and unique they are. Rambo Elliot, one of the projects we did for Visit Fort Worth, made a statement that has always stuck with me, 'We (as a society) don’t do a good enough job of telling people they are beautiful.' We strive to show the beauty in others because we are all amazing people but so many times people feel like their story is nothing special."

I tried to get Warren and Jules to pick a favorite video project they've worked on over the years, but the couple says they can't choose any one over another, "We have been so fortunate to be involved in so many amazing projects I don’t think I could pick just one. It would be like having to choose a favorite child."

Make Something Beautiful has such a unique ability of establishing a strong personal connection with the viewer in their videos, I asked about the MSB process and what goes into the finished product.

"We at MSB are more like an extended family, says Jules. "We have an amazing team of hugely talented people that all put their heart and soul into a project. On set Warren has a magical way of connecting with people and getting them to share their story. I think it’s because he is a very authentic person as well as being genuinely interested in others."

Check out some of my favorite pieces below, or view more of MSB-Creative's extensive portfolio here:

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